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barcode printer ribbon
cognitive barcode printer ribbons zebra barcode printer ribbons

Barcode Printer Ribbon

Desktop Barcode Printer Ribbons

Wax Barcode Printer Ribbon - Wax/Resin Barcode Printer Ribbon - Premium Resin Barcode Printer Ribbons

CognitiveTPG Barcode Printer Ribbon
CognitiveTPG Barcode Printer Ribbons
CognitiveTPG Desktop Barcode Printer Ribbons
CognitiveTPG Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer Ribbons
Zebra Barcode Printer Ribbon
Zebra Barcode Printer Ribbons
Zebra Desktop Barcode Printer Ribbons
Zebra Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer Ribbons
CognitiveTPG Barcode Printer Ribbons Zebra Barcode Printer Ribbons
cognitive barcode printer ribbons zebra barcode printer ribbons

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cognitivetpg barcode printer ribbons - cognitivetpg desktop barcode printer ribbons

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zebra barcode printer ribbons - zebra desktop barcode printer ribbons

Wax ribbons are best for general purpose labeling.

Wax Ribbons

Wax ribbons typically contain a high percentage of wax-based materials in the colorant substance. Since waxes generally have lower melting points than resins, printing with wax ribbons typically requires less energy than printing with wax/resin or resin ribbons. Since most waxes used tend to be softer than resins used, image durability is typically less with wax ribbons than wax/resign or resin ribbons. Most wax ribbons are made with only one colorant layer.
Wax ribbons are appropriate for general-purpose applications with uncoated substrates, matte coated substrates, and low-end films like polyethylene and polypropylene films. These ribbons are acceptable for applications where little physical contact with the printed image is likely to occur or where image life is short term (i.e. when durability isn't an issue). Generally wax ribbons have a print speed range of 8 to 12 inches per second. They are best considered for use in general purpose labeling, shipping labels, address labels, warehouse applications including shelf and bin labels, retail tag and label applications, compliance labeling, and textile/apparel applications. Wax ribbons are the least expensive of thermal transfer ribbons. The absorption capability of the substrate surface is a prerequisite for good ink anchorage with wax-based ribbons.

Wax/Resin Ribbons

Wax/Resin ribbons are a good choice for moderate scratch, abrasion and mild chemical resistance.

Wax/resin combination ribbons usually have a higher percentage of resin materials. Resin content contributes to a higher melting point of the ribbons. Printing with these ribbons requires more energy than printing with wax ribbons. Since resins are harder than waxes, image durability and chemical resistance for wax/resin ribbons better than that of wax ribbons. Wax/resin ribbons are usually made up of two or more layers. These ribbons are most suitable with matte coated and gloss coated paper and synthetic including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester films. Wax/resin images will perform satisfactorily where moderate scratch, abrasion resistance, or mild chemical durability is required. Wax/resin combination ribbons have a print speed range of 8 to 12 inches per second. They should be considered for use in all of the applications in which wax ribbons are used as well as outdoor applications such as lumber and nursery tags. Wax/resin combination ribbons are midrange price ribbons.

Premium Resin Ribbons

Premium Resin ribbons provide the best performance in harsh environmental conditions.

Premium Resin ribbons contain the highest percentage of resin materials. Most resin ribbons are made of two or more layers. Printing with resin ribbons requires more energy than printing with other ribbons. Most resin ribbons work best within a maximum print speed of 6 inches per second. Since resins are harder than waxes, resin images have excellent abrasion, scuffing, heat, and chemical resistance. They provide the best performance in harsh environmental conditions. They are best suited for use with gloss-coated materials. Resin ribbons are best for retail applications, textile/apparel uses, tags and labels used outdoors (i.e. lumber and nursery applications), chemical exposure uses (i.e. drum labels), medical and pharmaceutical labeling, as well as industrial and automotive applications. Resin ribbons are the most expensive of thermal transfer ribbons.

Thermal transfer ribbons perform differently with true edge, corner edge, near edge and flat-type print heads due to different peel-off times. This can impact printing performance. Furthermore, different ribbons may perform at different print speeds. This can be a critical issue, particularly in high demand environments.

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