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Datalogic DL Sm@rtSet™ Hand Held Barcode Reader Management Software

Datalogic Gryphon D100 Linear Image Barcode Reader

Datalogic Gryphon M100 Cordless Barcode Reader

DL Sm@rtSet™ is a new and innovative Datalogic software that will revolutionize product configuration and after-sales support: unique in the market, it provides complete management of hand held barcode readers (Reading parameters, Interface set ,Bar code selection, Radio parameters, Decoding parameters, Advanced Formatting, Data format) also via Internet or Intranet. DL Sm@rtSet™ offers new and important opportunities, with benefits for both end users and vendors. It improves user knowledge of the configuration possibilities of Datalogic readers, making them easier to use, and at the same time can make a company run more efficiently, as a result of a reduction in after sales activities, and a time saving for our salesmen.

DL Sm@rtSet™ has two different communication modes to configure a device:
- Local Communication: to set a device connected to a local PC via a RS232 interface.
- Remote Communication: to provide online device set-up via connection between a Server PC and Client PC based on Internet (modem or proxy) or Intranet.

Both communication modes provide various operations: reading configuration, writing configuration and firmware download. In addition, during remote communication, a chat-line can be activated between the Server PC and Client PC to send messages to the remote operator as well as commands directly to the device. The defined configuration, besides being downloaded to the connected device, can be saved, printed (in bar code format), and sent via e-mail for entirely flexible use. Furthermore, DL Sm@rtSet™ is supported by a user-friendly graphic interface based on Windows standards, taking a step-by-step approach to create a reader configuration. All these features make this program intuitive and instinctive to use, for easier and straightforward reader configuration. The Demo version can be downloaded free of charge from the Datalogic Website.

DL Sm@rtSet™ is supported by an easy-to-use graphic interface, based on Windows standards: Tree View on the left side and listing of all the configurable parameters on the right side. The action log has an Undo function, so any configuration mistake can be deleted. Furthermore, with DL Sm@rtSet™ it is possible to view all parameters that have been changed, so right away you can recognize them. All these characteristics make this program intuitive and instinctive to use.

  Datalogic DL Sm@rtSet Barcode Reader Features
Hand-Held Reader Setup:
Easy and intuitive setting of barcode families, data formatting/editing, interface selection, reading parameters.

Remote System:
Guarantees quick and easy on-line set-up via Internet or intranet for all Datalogic Hand Held Readers.

Firmware Download:
Provides easy Datalogic Hand Held Reader upgrades, guaranteeing continuous improvement of the devices.

Print Function:
Offers the opportunity to print bar codes with the new parameters, enables the configuration of devices which not connected.

Copy Mode:
Possibility to read the parameters of the device and copy them to another reader, guaranteeing that all devices are configured in the same way.

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